We would like to prove with this project that there is a future for sustainable autonomous boats. This applies to transport, surveillance and research of the oceans. Thanks to our great sponsors, we have been able to build a 2-meter prototype to carry out the first test.

Now we are building our 4-meter vessel that will cross the ocean. We need some extra sponsoring to buy the solar panels and electronics and we hope to achieve this with your support!


  • Michel V.
  • Sarah V.
  • Wim M.
  • Stefan P.
  • Lutgart D.
  • Stefaan N.
  • Eline N.
  • Sarah N.
  • Tijl C.
  • Pieter F.
  • Thibaut D.
  • Benoit L.
  • Sebastiaan V.
  • Chris V.
  • Alex V.
  • Lut H.
  • Iene V.
  • Wout V.
  • Robbert C.
  • Jeroen R.
  • Elien R.
  • Johan R.
  • Catherine M.
  • Yves P.
  • An D.
  • Yair C.
  • Lies S.
  • Lien N.
  • Thomas D.
  • Michael W.
  • Jeroen D.
  • Sam D.
  • Sander D.
  • Bram D.
  • Sofie R.
  • Wouter C.
  • Jeanmeister D.
  • Luc R.
  • Leen D.
  • Theo R.
  • Jo L.
  • Mineke V.
  • Neal
  • Bepo S.
  • Glen R.
  • Steven B.
  • Hans N.
  • Matthias V.
  • Sofie A.
  • Saar V.
  • Jens H.
  • Glen M.
  • Chloe M.
  • Marie M.
  • Fred M.
  • Fran S.
  • Paul M.
  • Marie-Thérèse G.
  • Carlos V.
  • Jasper D.
  • Lotte H.
  • Asia S.
  • Tiffo A.
  • Lana A.
  • Philippe D.
  • Maarten V.
  • Vik E.


Convinced of our project and willing to contribute your part? Every contribution helps us to get closer to the Caribbean!

BE97 0636 2317 7949

Please add your email address and name in the listing upon payment so that we can grant you the right reward!


€20 Your name on the website
€30 Your name on website and boat
€50 Your name on website, boat as well as a Mahi sport T-shirt or sweater
€100 Exclusive invitation for a Mahi day
€1000 Official Mahi sponsor



Women's sweatshirt

Men's sweatshirt