Let's present the team!

Several highly skilled engineers are responsible for the realisation of Mahi.

Pieter-Jan Note

    Project lead and Naval Architecture
    MSc Aerospace Science and Technology
    MSc Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

Bertold Van den Bergh

    Embedded Systems and Communication
    MSc Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Integrated Circuits
    PhD Researcher

Julien Meert

    Sensors and vessel construction
    MSc Aerospace and Technology
    Master of Management

Quinten Lauwers

    Situational awareness and collision avoidance software
    MSc Computer science
    Autonomous vehicle researcher

Andreas Belderbos

    Energy and Propulsion
    MSc Energy Engineering
    PhD Researcher

Koen Geurts

    Naval Architecture and Navigation
    MSc Maritime Engineering
    MSc Aerospace Engineering